Starry Eyed

Hey lovelies,

I realize it’s been awhile since I posted a look or anything at all but so much has happened this past month preventing me from blogging. I took a trip to San Diego, when I returned I had to make up hours lost at work, then school started and this past week hurricane Irma. Before all these events I experienced so many issues trying to get this post up. For about two weeks I tried getting this up and for some reason all the pictures were losing quality when I uploaded them to the media folder.  I literally tried everything I could, resized them, re-uploaded them a couple times, used other formats. I even had my friend Kathy (Kreadivmisfit, go follow her she’s the bomb!) try to help me but we couldn’t figure out any other ways to fix the issue. As time passed by I kind of gave up and got a little discouraged so I gave it a rest.

During the few weeks of trying to get this up I did a lot of reflecting about what kind of content I want to put out and I’ve been brainstorming a few new ideas. I don’t want to just pose for the camera, post looks and tell you guys what I’m wearing or where I’ve been. I created Kiaracol as a creative outlet and so far I feel like I’m falling short of putting out content I originally thought of creating. I have a few ideas I’m really excited about that I’ll work on in the upcoming weeks but I would absolutely love and appreciate if any of you could suggest any kind of content you guys would love to see from me. Write a comment at the end of this post, email me, slide in my dm’s 😉 hehe. Anything helps! Anyways, I’ll stop babbling for now. I hope everyone is doing well recovering from all the Irma disaster and that you are all safe and have power back ( I still don’t 😦 ) Hope you guys enjoy this simple look. Hasta luego mis amores! silver_star_divider_by_night_the_panthercat-d7wyyplFullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 23IMG_3552IMG_3742IMG_3737IMG_3752IMG_3720IMG_3705IMG_3701IMG_3602IMG_3611IMG_3727

I hope you understand the title now :p

I love this dress. Super comfortable and can be easily styled with other staple pieces. I styled it with a denim jacket and some sneakers to make it a casual look. The dress is currently out of stock in sizes S-L but add yourself to the waitlist:


I’ve had the denim jacket for quite some time now. The brand is Cherokee from Target, here are some similar ones:

Similar Denim Jackets

And here are the shoes:

Nike Air Max TheaMotivation-You


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