O Fall weather! wherefore art thou?

Good dawning to thee, friend.

I am patiently waiting for Fall weather to arrive so I can finally layer up my outfits and show you all some transitional looks. This casual look was the closest I could get to layering up for the day. It was so hot I had to put my hair up for a few shots even though I really didn’t want to. I won’t quit complaining about Florida weather, so don’t ever tell me to do so lol. I’ve been living here for eleven years and I still haven’t gotten over how incredibly hot it is all year round. I’m from Puerto Rico so I’ve always dealt with it but I am almost positive I will never get used to it. Here in Florida we only get occasional fall/winter like days to enjoy. Florida weather likes to play games with us. It’ll be nice and chilly for a few days and then boom, it feels like Fall or Winter never even came. Oh and if you’re still wearing a sweater by 2-4 PM chances are you’ll probably suffer from a heat stroke. So Florida, give us some Fall weather pleaseeee!? I will warm up to you a bit more.

Anyways, rant over, enough about the weather. A lot has been going on these past few months that have prevented me from blogging so I’ll chat a little about life for those who are interested. I know I mentioned this before but really though, a lot has happened and I promise I’m going to be working as hard as I can to get things going. I already explained in my last post that things preventing me from blogging and shooting looks had to do with the trip I took to San Diego, school starting, getting strep throat (which I did not talk about) and Irma striking Florida. To make matters worse, as I was preparing to get things going yet again I got sick with Strep Throat for a second time. Then hurricane Maria made its way to my homeland Puerto Rico. I’m not gonna go into detail about that, simply because just talking about it any more breaks my heart. Things have been so hectic back at home, in my life and the entire world. We need to help and love each other no matter the race, color, or gender. We are all human and if we don’t stick together we are just gonna continue going downhill. Pray for the world, pray for your people and most importantly have a good heart and treat others kindly. I hope you and your loved ones are all doing well. Enjoy this look,

Bless Thee.


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I posted direct links to all items from this outfit on my Instagram trough likeToknowit.

However I will briefly tell you guys where they’re from in case that’ll make things easier for you.

The body suit and heels are from Forever 21

Buttoned shirt is thrifted

Pants are from Agaci

Purse is from Zara

Jewelry is from Anarchy Street (use code KIARAC20 for 20% discount)

Sun-glasses are from RayBan

Photos by my friend and fellow blogger (check her out and show her some love): Kreadivmisfit

Hope you enjoyed this post!

xox kiara (2)

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