My Travel Essentials

Hey guys! So for the past couple of months of traveling I’ve gathered up all my must have travel essentials. These are items I have found to be the most necessary for my self but I thought I’d share them with you in hopes some of you will find this beneficial when traveling. None of these items were gifted to me nor is this post in any way sponsored. I bought all these items with my own money and I am including them in this post for the sole purpose of helping you guys.Line-dividerMy very first travel essential is of course a handy-dandy backpack. I like to go for small-medium size backpacks because since I am always carrying a lot of bags and suitcases I like the one on my back to be lightweight. I try to go for backpacks with a lot of pockets because I bring a lot of stuff with me on flights such as hand sanitizer and lotion, moisturizer, headphones and phone charger, a book+notebook, my wallet, glasses and of course can’t forget the snackssss. This one is from Urban Outfitters and its called the Elena mini backpack however it is sold out. Urban outfitters has my favorite backpacks so hop on their website and see if you can find one you like here.

IMG_3367My second item is a portable phone charger. With all the plane hopping, flight connections and delays it’s important to me for my phone to always be charged which is why I carry a portable charger with me at all times. Its not only beneficial for flights and stuff but when you’re out exploring a new city its good to have a back up in case your phone dies. You have to charge the case for a maximum of 1-4 hours and it gives your phone 1 full charge. I am looking into getting one that will last longer than this and give me more than 1 full charge however for the price I am not complaining. I got it from Amazon and you can find it here. I also have some adapter plugs. These are VERY important to me as I am sure they would be to anyone. A lot of hotels offer them and you can often find them in stores wherever you are traveling to but its more convenient to have them on me specially since I travel with my hair appliances. A warning to you ladies, this is not a voltage converter. You can find voltage converters but research the voltage limits of wherever it is that you are traveling to so you know what to purchase. For different locations there are different types of adapters. For example I went to Bali, Indonesia and Singapore last October so I got Type C which is USA to most of Europe and Type G which is USA to UK and Hong Kong. You can find all types of plug adapters from all around the world here. The ones I got are from Amazon and come in packs of three. Find them here.

IMG_3356Next up is MAKEUP. Traveling with makeup is SUCH a hassle. I want to take everything with me and of course thats impossible so I’ve found it to be really helpful to hold on to and save makeup samples I receive specifically for traveling. Instead of having to take full size products with me I take these instead saving a lot of space in my bag for other items. Not to mention theres different liquid/container limits all over the world so I like to keep it on the safe side. IMG_3337Another makeup related item I like to take with me when traveling is cleaning brush wipes. These might not be necessary to everyone but to me they’re important. I wash my brushes every 1-2 weeks so when I am traveling for long periods of time these are helpful to clean my brushes. I got these at TJ Maxx but you can find any on Amazon or Sephora.IMG_3341I absolutely love any travel packing item that makes the packing process easier. The first one on my list is a cosmetic travel kit organizer. Let me tell you guys, since I got this my life has become so much easier when traveling. It fits ALL my makeup and its not too big which doesn’t take up a lot of space. I don’t pack this makeup bag with the suitcase I am checking in out if fear that something will be broken since a lot of items are fragile so what I usually do is I take this with me in my second carry-on bag along with one other item, a jewelry roll bag. As you can see it has a lot of compartments so it fits every piece of jewelry I want to take with me. They are both from Amazon and pretty inexpensive. You can find them here and here.

IMG_3309Next up is some sandals. My favorite pair of shoes to pack are always comfortable ones I know I can spend an entire day in. Then theres this Sea Salt hairspray from Drybar which is not a product I always take with me, only when I know I’ll need to reach for it. If I am traveling somewhere tropical and where I know I won’t have time to do my hair often then this comes with me. Its perfect for a beachy-wave effortless look. Theres other hair products you can also use to reach the same hair style but this is just the one I like at the moment.IMG_3382 2Last but certainly not least is my portable travel steamer that can be used worldwide with a converter. It can be used for ironing and for steaming the face. This product is life changing. One of my big pet peeves is wrinkly clothes and that is bound to happen when traveling so this eliminates that concern. Its not too big and it comes with a pouch for easy storing. I got it from Amazon and you can find it hereIMG_3379Anddddd that is all for my travel essentials ladies and gents. I’m definitely going to be updating this the more I travel but for now I’ll leave it here. I really hope you guys enjoyed and maybe found some items that will somewhat be beneficial to you while traveling. Thanks for stopping by, hasta luego!!!

xox kiara (4)

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